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This year’s CEATEC Japan focuses on the Internet of Things and Artifical Intelligence as companies come together in Tokyo to show off their latest innovations.

CEATEC Japan is a changing trade show – what used to be all the latest gadgets from big-name companies has morphed into a show focusing on what’s possible in the future. This is a future filled with gadgets connected to the internet and harnessing artificial intelligence. Here are some of the neat things we saw at this year’s show.

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Tech company Alps had a neat display with a technology they call Haptic Trigger Plus. The booth looked like a virtual batting cage. Basically, their technology lets VR users feel the crack of the bat. Additionally, a baseball loaded with sensors gives real-time feedback on swing stats.


At Lenovo, people lined up for the chance to be a Jedi – in virtual reality, of course. With the help of a special headset, you could pick up a lightsaber and do battle. The Star Wars Jedi Challenges game is available for pre-order for $200.


Panasonic showed off a machine from the future called CaloRieco. It scans the food on your plate and gives you an accurate count of the calories, fat and protein and carbohydrates inside. The analysis happens in seconds and Panasonic says it uses “near-infrared spectroscopy technology” to work its magic.


At Fujitsu, two demos caught my attention.

The first is a Windsurfing Lab that uses various sensors attached to a sail to help athletes train. The system puts numbers and real-time stats to systems that used to be based on “feel.” It will come in handy for training for the 2020 Olympics being held in Tokyo.

The second was a giant mirror-like screen with a fingerprint reader on it. Touch the reader and you get a visual display of your current health. This includes heart rate, stress level and more.

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