Home    Eliminate Shoe Odor With Zorpads

Harvard Business School graduates and co-founders of Zorpads Sierra Smith and Taylor Wiegele joined us live to tell us all about Zorpads.   Zorpads are odor-eliminating shoe inserts made with patent-pending, NASA-tested technology. The technology used in Zorpads was tested to clean the air aboard the international space station and is coveted in the military, aerospace and industrial sectors. The anti-microbial insert absorbs and eliminates bacteria, eradicating odor right where it starts. It consists of a moisture wicking liner, an odor absorbing carbon layer. Zorpads stick to the insole of any shoe and last up to 60 wears. They can also be useful in other smelly places – i.e. the inside of a trash can, refrigerator, gym bag, diaper genie, boxing gloves, etc.  For more information on Zorpads, click HERE or follow them on social media.

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