Home    Changing The Way Football Players Practice With MVP Drive Robotic Tackling Dummy

The Athletic Director for Harvard Westlake Matt LaCour joined us live to tell us all about the MVPDrive Robotic Tackling Dummy. A group of researchers and engineers at Dartmouth College, led by their Head Football Coach Buddy Teevens, decided it was time to put an end to player on player tackling during practice. Studies have shown that the majority of injuries were taking place during practice so they created this robot.  By simulating human motion, the MVPDrive allows players to practice tackling, blocking, pursuing, evading and throwing at a mobile target, without the collisions and fatigue, associated with teammate on teammate training. The MVPDrive is the first of its kind and the only remote controlled self-righting robotic tackling dummy in the world! For more information on the MVPDrive Robotic Tackling Dummy, click HERE.

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